Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Playgroup Recap: April 1st

Good playgroup. Topics discussed where Amish Friendship bread, video games, hookers, best recipes, selling a house and me bragging on my kid not needing diapers anymore at night. She's awesome, it runs in the family. She also is wearing pants that are to small so she continues to show ass crack wherever we go.

One minor incident were there was a shopping cart involved and the face of another kid. But don't worry, we were all watching it happen but doing nothing to prevent it. Some of the Mom's may not let us play together anymore. But everything go resolved and I am assured that insurance will cover any damages.

The Enforcer did bring the friendship bread though and ingredintes for making it. The two loafs lasted about 30 minutes. Because it tastes like sweet heaven frolicking in your mouth. He assures me that he will post the recipe soon although I'm a little concerned that the recipe is for actually making toilet wine because you have to let the dough ferment for 10 days.

And of course, like every play group, all the girls had to play with one dad. The Ladies Man continues to have a monopoly on the 3 year old and under crowd. They love him and no one knows why. I think my daughter has a crush on him because she doesn't hug any one but she can't get enough of him. The day ended with a tickle fight with the Ladies Man and we destroyed his house. All is right with the world.

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