Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playgroup: April 8

Our playgroups seem to be getting larger and larger. Which is a good thing because it just reaffirms our awesomeness. The kids were bouncing around from dad to dad. Until the Ladies man gets there.

It's the same every time. As soon as the Ladies man shows up, all the little girls ditch thier dad and go hang out with him. He can be seen going throughout the house with a toddler hanging on one leg and his own daughter in the croock of his arm. This is not a bad thing, not at all. However, we should probably keep the wives away from him. He's dreamy.

3 new members made their second appearance and they seem to mesh well with the group. Cute kids, the kind you might find on a box of cereal or a soup can selling the rich goodness right inside. I always like seeing new members and seeing the revolution continue. Viva La SAHD! See world, we are not weird! We are not "different." We are men. And we do laundry. Poorly it would seem, but we still do it.

Because we all agreed that our wives mostly have a problem with the way we do laundry. Look, there is colored clothes and white clothes. There are no such things as "delicate" or "hand wash only" Pile A of clothes is what goes in the washer. Pile B is what goes in the washer after Pile A is done.

We also had a brand new member that showed up for the first time so we were all on our best behavior. He was entertained by the comedic stylings of the Hippie and the Texan who seem to make a really good team. Like Laural and Hardy. I'm the fat one. But still handsome.

Our host went all out on lunch and actually made hotdogs and hamburgers. Show off. All in all, it was good times. No injuries, minimal fights but no blood. That's a victory in our book.

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