Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playgroup: April 13

There were no fights. I swear to all that is holy we went though a whole playgroup and no one hit anyone else on purpose. No one threw a ball at anyone's head. No one pushed anyone down a flight of stairs or tried to shank anyone else with the official Pablo shank.

This is a momentous occasion. There are always disagreements when you get that many kids together. I think we had around 10 or so. But not this time. This time they all shared. They all played chase me chase me without ending it in push me push me. They brought eachother toys. They ate like civilized human beings.

We are the most awesome dads in the world!

How we did it?

We gave the kids a bunch of plastic balls and let them throw them over the railing to the downstairs basement. That then evolved into throwing any toy over. Which we allowed.

Totally worth it.

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