Friday, May 15, 2009

Union Station KC Rail Experience

Place: Union Station, 30 Pershing Rd, KC Mo


Cost: 6.50, kids 3 and under are free

Age Group: Pretty much all ages.

Most everyone has heard of union station. Most have been to some of the exhibits and at least Science City, which is still awesome. But most may not have been to the KC Rail Experience.

The entrance to the display is on the second floor but the actual exhibit is on the bottom floor. The area used to be the actual train depot but they have remade it into an interactive exhibit. So what about it do the kids dig?

In the center of the room is an honest to god locomotive engine. The kids are free to climb up and down this until the cows come home. They can actually go and sit in the captains chair and push all the wonderful, wonderful buttons. they are kids, who doesn't like to push a crap load of buttons. Hell, I like to push buttons. Although the train is decommissioned, they recreated the feel of it in motion so the kids love this.

They also have a replica of a caboose that the kids can go in and see and climb all over as well. Everything is made to be touched and climbed which is a big bonus in my book. And of course for the dads, the rest of the exhibits and the history is interactive with sounds from the actual time period. You just step on a place and it comes on automatically. Pretty cool. I'm a bit of a history nut so I loved all this.

You can also go outside through a double set of doors and look at several other types of train cars that they have there as well. We were not allowed to go inside, like the passenger cars, but you can walk around. If you walk to the end though this is where you will see the real trains doing real train like things such as making loud noises and hissing. I think the kids might have loved this part most of all. Amtrak trains always come in and out and cargo trains were there as well.

This is a great activity and I think everyone had a great time. If you get a chance or need an indoor activity to do, this might be for you.

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