Friday, May 15, 2009

DNO the way of the Dodo?

Well, as it has been since I joined the Stay-st-Home Manclub. We met again in the second week of the month. On a day of our choosing. At a place known for it's beer, food, and atmosphere.

Oh, and the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is to DIE for. *Ahem**cough**drink beer*

As it has been lately, the womenfolk have gotten together to conspire against us.
Man1: My wife planned something. I can't make it.
Man2: I can come. Man2 / part 2: My wife made some plans, sorry.
Man3: I will make it around 8pm if the wife gets home in time. (wife took long way home thru Nebraska)

And so it has been that the gang has dwindled.

Last night was a great night for a get-together. One of the first clear nights. No rain. No cold. No clouds.

So here we are. The die-hards.
Mr. Single. Mr. Gotta get out. And me, Mr. OnShort leash.
Arriving there about 7:30 I found the others relaxing at a table enjoying a drink and some chow. I sat down, (Waited.... waited...) and ordered a beer.
And we just talked. My daughter did this. My son did that. I've been there. Have you tried this? This recipe is great. School. Travel. Potty.

Every topic under the sun and then pulled a few more from around the moon.
Enjoying a beer, food, and friends.
Not that there weren't things to look at. The table of pretty girls. (My wife would cut off my....) The crowd walking by outside. The nut job with the tatoos (he's pierced WHERE?)and augments.

You get the idea. *shudder*

I am just hoping that more of the guys realize what they are missing. Why wait for a convention every year? This day, every month. Is when we can vent without worrying if the kid can hear. Ask those "Does your wife do this?" questions. Learn mora about each other than we ever wanted to know.

Turn this "group" of SAHDs.
Into a group of friends who stay home with their kids.

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  1. Ok, that's it, I'm coming to the next one even if I have to drop the kids off with the homeless guy out front.

  2. Homeless Guy out front was charging a $5.00 handling fee. But he let them play in his shopping cart.