Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Hippie Hollow: Episode 77.101.A


So I'm sitting at my computer writing a blog that is meaningless, on the other hand is is very helpful to humans. drinking a Pepsi, I always drink Pepsi's. I'm a stay-at-home dad, I take care of my boy or as my wife says he takes care of me. I really don't expect you getting this but I will tell you that if you read the these blogs as my wife says and some of my friends I just to really say a lot of random shit. but once in awhile I'll say something that makes sense or genius or are clever enough that I shouldn't have came up with it.

Okay so I'm using speaking Dragon so my hands are free and I'm kicking back and relaxed. If you find things misspelled or confusing that maybe becouse I didn't check my spelling and will on be reading this blog again and I really don't care, about much. I mean that I care about you and this blog.

I am in a dads group, most of you that are reading this blog know that the groups called Kansas City dads in Kansas City. I guess whoever thought of the name couldn't come up with a clever, catchy, funny, or even different name but you know its fine, I found it right next to escorts in Craig's list. It's a great group there are 15,30,60 someone might even say 90 members and we have our own website as you can see at the blog. bunch of great guys I must say, when you ask a question like I have you can ask a lot of dumb questions and get a lot of dumb answers. I have also asks good questions and got a lot of dumb answers but of those dumb questions there were three or four that were really good answers that helped me out. you know he you you you um you see moms and they looked like they had all under control in a supermarket or walking down the street and kids behaving and then you see a dad as a doing the same exact thing but stressing out, see the mom has a the timing down. She knows when to aventure out, when to go to the park, when to go shopping or when to take a trip across country with the kid and hold together.

Well I'm here to tell you that dad's have the same thing, we know there are some days that you wish that every day could go just like this one :-} perfect everything went fine you got up you have breakfast and played, you had lunch, took a nap, and made dinner you wife when she came home - everything is happy. BUT then there was that other day where you woke up at five in the morning kid was screaming as he/she had diarrhea and the crib was (lets say very very very very wrong smellling) and the wife cannot help, she was getting ready for work. You have breakfast but he doesn't want to eat, plays for about an hour, he starts crying because he's hungry but he didn't really want breakfast. so you try to feeding him snacks, you try playing with him AND at one point just ignore him you're frustrated. why, why doesn't he just tell me what he wants? okay maybe he can't talk and then we realized that it's only Monday we got four more days and were really really hoping that the last four days are smooth because if not you really hoping that your looking at the wrong date and it's really Friday.

Okay so one bought to do Dallas on when to explain to you without facing any typos or misspellings with a natural speaking dragon you run a see how frustrating it is to use a sometimes if you don't speak correctly or if you are running those we call a my life to become a crack to be really annoyed by a Congress tried to sow the sound after I proofread this paragraph but if you're reading this paragraph and you realize that it makes no talking sense at all then you're reading it correctly because it really doesn't and this is not that this happens his biggest win a topic tautly fast in the computer can't keep up with me maybe but that's the New York coming out.

so not exactly this blog but the future blogs i'm going to explain a little more about what I do as a stay-at-home dad, see I want you to see it as a famous person but I'm not so maybe more to a nonfamous person in the eyes of a stay-at-home dad. Look as the Colorado person we just went to today and I think next week might be the Ohio drive to a stay-at-home dads house, I don't remember and I love the drives I love going to a friend of mine that is stay-at-home dad that lives towards Kentucky and another friend of that is just down the street - matter fact hes a Xbox lover. okay anyways not to pick on anybody or any of that.

so if you're one of those guys that want to know how to make a compost or dog bin compound I'll explain it, might even draw a picture. LET ME KNOW. Ohio person your getting a new house how about it.

So if you really think I'm a хиппи and you think that it's a normal world out there and were all crazy * things are funny.

If you have read this far then my goal to tell you something or story every time I blog. every time will not important probably, but I hope it helps you in the future on your relationship with your wife and your kids. You don't have to be old to tell a story or young to not tell one.

77.101.A I know this guy and he told me when my son or daughter was about to be born remember one thing, the life you have does not revolve around your kid, you and your wife created him or her. So when you get stressed out - you and your wife are yelling each other more often than usual find a babysitter take your kid to grandmothers house. Go to a movie DON'T just treat your wife to a dinner and movie, treat each other, remember you created your kids - YOUR kid don't come first, your family comes first.



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