Saturday, May 23, 2009

Liberty Bank Museum

Location: 103 North Water Street, Liberty

Cost: 5.50 for adults, kids under 6 are free

Review: I'll cut right to it, I thought that this was worth it, without a doubt. The price seemed a little steep but was more than made up by the type of service that we got there.

This bank is thought to have been one of the first robbed by Jesse James and possibly The Younger gang. They seem pretty sure that Frank James was there. They robbed the bank of 60K which is about 2 million in todays dollars then shot a guy in the street and took off. Obviously, they were never captured.

The bank is attached to the gift shop which is where you enter and pay for your admission. And this is where it gets good.

The tour guide was one of the best and most adaptable that I have ever been involved with. First off, she took it in stride when the kids starting wrecking the gift shop. In fact, she seemed to be having fun. Second, she demanded, yes demanded, that each kid take in one toy from the gift shop into the actual bank for the tour so that they wouldn't be bored. Here presentation in the actual bank itself was great. She didn't seem to mind the starting and stopping that is required when 4 kids are running wild. She would speed up her pitch and then give us the highlights and if we missed something, she would gladly tell us again. She encouraged the kids to sit on the bank counter because "it's not original" and was great.

The bank itself is pretty small, not what we are used to at all. One room but the ceilings are the original tin and the floor is original as well. The bank vault itself was pretty cool to, a heck of a lot smaller than I would have thought. The door was heavy as hell though.

I would gladly take any age kids through this tour. The whole tour lasts maybe 20 minutes from start to finish and was something cool for both kids and dads to do. I get my history fix, learn a little something, and my daughter gets to try and lift up heavy bag of fake gold. Very cool and a nice little place to go.

Finally, make a day of it as this bank is located in historic downtown Liberty square. The courthouse is pretty cool and there is a water fountain that the kids played in for a while. There are also a couple of places to eat on the square and I was happy with the Mexican place, I'll add that name in here later. It was a good day.

I would recommend this place if you want to kill a couple of hours.

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