Saturday, July 25, 2009

Activity: The Vault at KC Downtown Libary

Location: 14 West 10th Street, KC Missouri. on the corner of 10th and Baltimore. (Downtown KC)


Cost: Free, but be warned that YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR PARKING. Parking is 1 buck every 20 minutes with a max of 8.00. You can have your parking ticket validated and get a free hour. But chances are you will be here long enough to pay the 8 bucks, I did. The parking garage is located on Baltimore, directly across from the library.

I know that we have written one review on the downtown library. However, that was before we did "The Vault." The Vault is an actual bank vault that the library shows little kid movies/shorts in. As you would expect, this was also awesome. One of the children librarians set this up for us. You actually walk into a vault but it's made up to look like a little movie theater. IT has curtains and everything. It's really, really well done. We saw some movie about a frog that lasted about 15 minutes. And believe it or not, all the kids were entranced by it. None of them moved or caused a ruckus. How much more can we really say? We were told that if you come as an individual, you will have to pay a small fee. But if you go as a group and the librarian sets a day for you, it's free.

Afterward the librarian set up an activity for us. They have an activity room that you can use and once again, they were so accommodating that it was all made easy. All the crafts were already laid out and the librarian led the way. We made leaf rubbings and the kids had a great time.

We ate lunch on the roof and apparently this is ok. So if you get a chance, bring a sack lunch and spend the whole day there.

I do want to give a very sincere thank you to Clare Hollander, one of the Children Librarians. She was just amazing and set everything up for us. She pretty much embodies everything that we have come to expect from the Kansas City Library. She has offered to set up other activities up for us and can be contacted at or called at 816-701-3638. She made the whole day about as stress free as you could expect. Very cool. She has offered to set up other activities for us so give her a call and let me know when you are going.

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  1. Cool! Parking is paid for by the library on the weekends!!
    We really enjoyed having you and look forward to your next visit. Clare.