Friday, July 17, 2009

Activity: Friday Outing--Lego

Location: Crown Center. 2450 Grand Ave, KC MO

Cost: Free

Ages: All ages.

This was pretty good for us. There were 6 dads and about 9 kids that went. Some of the old guard showed up which I always love and one of the reasons we wanted to start doing things on Friday during the summer.

The exhibit was pretty cool. It's sculptures made out of Legos. Some of them are really freaking like a life size guy ripping his chest open and legos spilling out. Then there was the 7 foot high sunflower. The highlight for the kids though is several tables set up so that you can try your own hand at Lego sculpting.

I built a square. Mr. Rogers built a dinosaur that actually looked like a dinosaur.

If you get a chance to go, it runs through Sept 7. The Crown Center almost always has exhibits like this though, so check the website for the future.

We had a good time. It's a quick visit though so don't expect to kill 3 hours doing this.

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