Monday, April 11, 2011

Activity: Grocery Store Tour

Who tours a grocery store? Who would come up with this idea? The KCDADS apparently. When I first heard that we were doing this, I was a bit surprised. Don't get me wrong, we like doing new things. It has become the hallmark of our group to do things with the kids just for the sake of doing them. Psych museum? We did that. Mormon historical site? We were all over that. But this, this might be pushing it. How awesome cold it really be?

Apparently really freaking awesome. I know, who would have thought. And yet, it was. It was an original idea and executed perfectly by our fearless leader. The kids had an absolute blast and the dads were pretty much laughing the entire time we were there just from watching the kids.

As for the set-up, I can tell you a little bit on how we did this. We contacted the manager of the store and told them that we would like to a tour of their store if at all possible. We told them a little about our group, that on a scale of 1 to 10, we were an 11. They thought it would be a great idea to. So we set up a Friday adventure day and met the store manager at the front of the store. I suppose any store would work so to do this, just call the one that you go to most.

But what is there to tour at a grocery store. After all, don't the kids go there every week for our shopping. Surprisingly, there is a lot. We started in the cafeteria section that most stores seem to carry now. The kids got free fortune cookies and then everyone had fun poking pizza dough. The kids seem to feed off each other's enthusiasm when we do this and this is I think what got the dad's laughing so much.

Next was the bakery which is surely one of the highlights of tour. We got to go behind the scenes and watch them do their thing. This particular grocery store, Hy-Vee, makes their own bread. They showed us how they made the bread by putting dough in some sort of flattening machine thing. They also showed us the actual dough making mixer. This got the kids more excited than just about anything else. They kids loved seeing the big dough hook rip through the dough.

I do want to mention at this time how great the staff of the store was. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as well and all of them were willing to talk to us for a little bit and show us how things work. And they gave us free cheese, who doesn't like free cheese. The staff was great and I think that this outing was great because of them.

We also got to see the staff decorate a few cakes. The Dad's took special notice of this I think in hopes of recreating this. Good luck with that boys.

Next was the seafood section for our big surprise. They had live lobsters and the staff actually took on meaty looking bastard out for the kids to get a closer look at. At first the kids were a bit standoffish but excited. The staff here encouraged the kids and waited patiently. Eventually they kids each came up for a quick pet of a the lobster. Personally, I think those things look like the devils spawn but the kids liked it. When the lobster jumped a little bit so did the kids. The funniest part of the whole tour.

We got a chance to also meet the in house chief and the Dad's made a point of getting the recipe for his awesome fish that he had cooked up for us. The tour then went into the back but just at the beginning of the back doors. The kids enjoyed yelling here.

We ended up at their classroom/meeting room where the manager had taken the time to make us some homemade chips. Very nice touch, stay classy San Diego.

And of course we had to tour the pharmacy where no free samples were given.

This tour was an unexpected fun thing to do. I would highly recommend it to any group looking for something to do thats free and fun with the kids.

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