Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Or at least that’s what I would call the blog, if I were gearing it specifically for us. I would also include useful, guy stuff like Cheetos, beer, and multipurpose all-in-one tools you can carry I your pocket. But I don’t have time the time or drive to do it myself, so I have to settle for the work of others. Heather at freebies4mom, (freebies4mom.blogspot.com) does. Don’t be turned off by the name. Heather searches the internet for coupons, freebie offers, and great deals on products for everyone in the family. Some of the deals require signing up for e-newsletters or mailing lists, others require becoming a fan of a product on Facebook, and some are just links to coupons on Redplum and Smartsource.
On our last trip to grocery store, Jen and I saved 10 bucks using coupons found through this website. I’ve also received a free 8x10 photo print, free photo cards, a reusable shopping bag, and various samples of products. And more is on the way. As for coupons, I have used a number of coupons for a dollar off of various products, and some buy one get one free coupons as well. I set up a new alias with my e-mail that I use solely for signing up for deals like these. My e-mail program filters out all the e-mail going to this address, so it doesn’t clog up by inbox. So far, though, I’ve received very few e-mails. And the unwanted emails have been easy to unsubscribe from.
The website is update throughout the day, as deals are found. You can also signup for a daily e-mail, summarizing days coupons and deals, or become a fan on Facebook. Freebies4mom.blogspot.com
Yeah. It’s a mom blog. And no, I’m not eating like a woman just because they gave me coupons. I happen to like Special K. Free cereal tastes better. And yes, apparently Secret IS strong enough for a man.

-The Teacher