Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meltdowns were in water today

I don't know what the deal was today but it seemed like every child at playgroup drank meltdown milk for breakfast. A few meltdowns are expected but today was far worse than normal. The worst part was they were all over minor things. Now I understand minor to me and minor to a three year old are different but the usual meltdowns are over being told "no" or not getting to play with a certain toy.

Today we had new categories open up like the "I want something to hook to this truck" nevermind that he didn't know if there was anything that hooked to said truck he just wanted something to hook to it.

Another good one was the "I want to sit by my sister" now it has been my experience that most kids want to be as far from their siblings as possible so this one definitely through us all for a loop.

There were many others which led us all to believe that the best thing to do was to let the wives cook dinner and put the kids to bed while we filled out our brackets for March Madness.


  1. my favorites:

    "I passed out on the toilet."

    "I'm putting the kid to bed and am going to get drunk."

    "Ten bucks says she eats that dirt."